New 2018 “USA Baseball” Bat Standards

Beginning in January 2018 Little League International is moving to an entirely new bat standard. The only bats allowed for use in AA-Jr/Sr Little League Baseball are the new USA-Bat approved bats with the “USA Baseball” mark on it. These bats are designed to hit more like a wooden bat, which will be notably safer for players.  These bats are beginning to appear in stores and online, and will have a logo that will look like the following:usabaseballjb

This does not apply to Softball or Single A TeeBall. For TeeBall programs (CHLL Single A), the Standards allow non-USA Baseball bats 26” AND SHORTER to be used IF a NEW $2 “USA TeeBall” sticker is purchased and applied to the bat ONLY WHEN used with approved TeeBall baseballs.  Bats longer than 26” will not be allowed in CHLL Single A.

If you are planning on buying a new bat for your Little Leaguer in the months ahead, please review the details on the new USA Bats for all baseball divisions from AA and up by visiting:

Info on:  AA & up Approved Bats  /. TeeBall Approved Bats. /. USA TeeBall Stickers

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