AA Division – Machine Pitch (primarily 7 & 8 year olds)


Commissioner – Todd Novascone

AA Division

  • Age Group: Boys and Girls, League Ages 7-8
  • Field Size: Regular 46/60 Little League Dimensions
  • Level of Play: Basic, Developmental
  • Season(s): Spring & Fall
  • Normal Game Schedule: One Saturday game per week. Teams also practice one day per week.
  • Normal Game Location: Payne, Tyler, and Eastern

Background: Players in this level learn to hit a ball from a pitching machine operated by an adult coach. Players must hit the ball to reach base. Emphasis is solely on learning the fundamentals of how to throw, catch, and to do so while playing regular defensive positions in real game situations.

3 Responses to AA Division – Machine Pitch (primarily 7 & 8 year olds)

  1. Peter Ufland says:

    Do you know what days the 7-8 year league will practice?

    • Webmaster says:

      Based on number of players and field space,teams in the AA Division can practice on any weeknight. Games are played on Saturdays. During the registration process, you will be able to highlight nights on which your player is not available.

  2. aackemann says:

    Is there a time frame for Saturday games, for those trying to juggle soccer and baseball?

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