Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  I want to register my kids for CHLL, but the season has already started.  Can they still get in?

Once registration closes we will maintain a waiting list until the first week of practice/games. If space is available we will contact parents to see if they’d still like to register their children at that point.

Q:  I’m not sure what division my child should be in, especially with the new Little League age cut-offs.  Can you clarify?

A: For baseball, the divisions are:

Baseball “League Age” = Age as of August 31 (except for those born before August 31, 2005, who are grandfathered in at the April 30 cutoff date)

  LA 5-6   = Single A (baseball)

  LA 7-8   = Double A (baseball)

  LA 9-10 = Triple A (baseball)

  LA 11-12 = Majors (baseball)

  LA 13-14 = Juniors (baseball)

  LA 15-16 = Seniors (baseball)

Softball “League Age” = Age as of December 31

  LA 7-11 = Minors (softball)

  LA 10-12 = Majors (softball)

  LA 13-14 = Juniors (softball)

Q:  How much is it to register my child in CHLL for Spring 2017?

A:  The registration fee for CHLL is $125 per child, and $100 for each sibling.

Q:  Are scholarships available for CHLL players?

A:  Yes, CHLL has scholarships available for families who have financial hardship.  If you are interested in a CHLL scholarship for your player, please contact CHLL.

Q:  When are practices and games?

A:  CHLL teams practice one night per week.  All teams have at least one game per week, and older divisions having some weekday games as well. On the weekends, all softball teams and the oldest baseball division teams  play on Sunday, while majors, AAA, AA and A teams have games on Saturday.  Your team coaches will share more specifics on times and locations.  Also check the “Upcoming Schedule” page for game times and locations.

Q:  My child doesn’t live on Capitol Hill.  Is s/he eligible to play in CHLL?

A:  In 2014, Little League changed the eligibility requirements for neighborhood leagues.  Now, any child who attends a school or resides within the CHLL boundaries is eligible.  Previously all children needed to reside within our league boundaries or have CHLL request a residency waiver.  CHLL no longer requests waivers for non-eligible children.    Click here to see a map of the CHLL boundaries.

Q:  What schools fall within the boundaries of Capitol Hill Little League?

A:  This is probably not an exhaustive list, but CHLL boundaries include Amidon-Bowen ES, Basis, Brent ES, Capitol Hill Day School, Eliot-Hines MS, Jefferson MS, J.O. Wilson ES, Logan Montessori, Ludlow-Taylor ES, Maury ES, Miner ES, Payne ES, Peabody ES, School Within a School, St. Peter’s, Stuart-Hobson MS, Two Rivers PCS, Tyler ES, Van Ness ES, Walker-Jones ES, Watkins ES.

Q:  I am registering my child for CHLL, and I live outside of CHLL boundaries. However, my child attends school within the CHLL boundaries.  Do I need documentation in order to register?

A:  The registration website may list your child as “out of bounds,” but don’t fear.  As long as your child attends a school within the boundaries, that child is eligible to play in CHLL.  We recommend you note this in the comment section of the registration, and follow up with the CHLL Player Agent to make sure the registration is verified.

Q:  What fields does CHLL use?

A:  CHLL plays most of its games and holds most of its practices on school fields on the Hill.  Some of the most used school fields include: Ryan Zimmerman Field at the Randall Recreation Center, Elementary, Tyler Elementary, Ludlow-Taylor Elementary, Eastern High, and Eliot-Hines Middle School.   CHLL also utilizes some of the DC Department of Parks and Recreation fields like Greenleaf, Amidon-Bowen, and Fort Lincoln.  For a list and maps of all CHLL fields, click here.

Q:  How many kids are there playing in CHLL?

A:  In 2016, there were more than 500 baseball and softball players on more than 42 CHLL teams.  The growth of the league has been tremendous – starting from two teams back in 2009!

Q:  I think my child could play at a division higher than his/her age would indicate.  How do I make this happen?

A:  CHLL recommends that children play at the division of their age.  For baseball, Single A is league age 6 year olds; AA is 7-8 year olds; AAA is 9-10 year olds; Majors is 11-12 year olds; Intermediates is 13 year olds; Juniors is 13-14 year olds.  For softball, Minors is 7-12 year olds, Majors is 10-12 year olds, and Juniors is 12-14 year olds.  CHLL no longer offers parents the opportunity to request that their child play in a different division than their age would dictate.  The league may determine to make an exception to this policy on a limited basis. If you have any questions about this policy, you may reach out to the CHLL Player Agent.

Q:  Can my daughter play both softball and baseball?

A:  Yes, it is possible, but you should check with coaches and commissioners about managing the logistics of a girl playing in both.

Q:  My child is 5 years old, can s/he play in CHLL?  

A:  If your child turns 5 by Aug. 31 this year, s/he can sign up for Single A, which is the youngest division, and starts with kids hitting off of a tee.  The division progresses quickly to coach pitch, as well.  However, if your child is new to baseball or doesn’t turn 5 until late Spring or Summer, you may want to consider enrolling your child in Sports on the Hill (SOTH) for this and wait until next year to have them play CHLL.

Q:  Will my child get to play in Williamsport in the Little League World Series?

A:  In June each year, CHLL coaches and commissioners select three teams of CHLL baseball players to represent the league in the city LL tournament, and hopefully regional LL tournaments.  The U10 team is for 8-9-10 year old players, and the U11 team is for 9-10-11 year old players and U12 team is for 10-11-12 year old players.  The U10 and U11 teams could qualify for the state and regional tournaments. The U12 team could possibly wind up in Williamsport if they went on a big winning streak in the summer.  For a complete description of the tournament process, CLICK HERE.

4 Responses to Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Natalie Skidmore says:


    Is it possible to resister my child for spring-only or must they participate in both fall and spring?

    Thank you!

    • nedertel says:

      Hi Natalie,

      Your child is not required to both. You can register your child for either Fall or Spring or both.

      Best Regards,


  2. marisa richardson says:

    When does registration open for the spring 2018 season?

    • David Fox says:

      Hi Marisa, registration for the Spring 2018 season will open sometime in January. The “Register” link on the website will be active at that point.

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