CHLL Board

The Capitol Hill Little Constitution and By-Laws can be found here.  CHLL’s official Code of Conduct is found here, and complaint procedures can be found here.

For general inquiries to CHLL, please send us an email.

CHLL Board of Directors (October 2016 – October 2017)

  • President – Adam Meier –
  • Vice President – Becky Skinner
  • Secretary – Scott Cernich
  • Treasurer – Keith Catanzano
  • Equipment and Uniforms – Charles Barnett
  • Registrar – Jason Goldsmith
  • Player Agent – Amy Hunter
  • Player Agent – Lisa Raymond
  • Safety Officer – Todd Novascone
  • Coaching/Umpire Coordinators – Randy Lange, Chris Atkin
  • Communications – Ned Ertel
  • Field Manager – Opi Leckzas (w/ assistance from Chris Atkin)
  • Sponsorships and Grants –  Frank Craddock
  • Fundraising – Jennifer Pharaoh

Mailing Address:

Capitol Hill Little League
PO Box 15454
Washington, DC 20003

To contact the CHLL Board directly, please email us at:

Past Board Meeting Minutes:

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