AAA Division – Kid Pitch (predominantly 9-10 year olds)

2014 Spring All Stars

Commissioner:  Marty Welles / David Fox

  • Age Group: Boys and Girls, League Ages 9-11
  • Field Size: Regular Little League 46/60 dimensions
  • Level of Play: Basic, Competitive, Skilled
  • Season(s): Spring & Fall
  • Normal Schedule: One weekday game and one Saturday afternoon game per week. Teams practice once a week.
  • Normal Game Location:  Payne, Ludlow Taylor

CHLL’s AAA Division is primarily for 9-10 year-olds, as well as some 11 year-olds. With a coach or commissioner recommendation, an 8 year old may attend workout days for AAA and be eligible to be selected for a team. Play in AAA is a kid pitch format. The level of play is intended to further the development of skills and deepen each player’s baseball knowledge.

Players have workouts before the season and are subsequently divided into teams, with concerted efforts made to ensure balanced rosters.  All eligible players who attend a AAA workout are placed on a team.

Quality of the play at the AAA level depends greatly on the ability of the players to pitch and catch. As such this is a point of emphasis for practices. Stealing and new base-running strategies are also introduced.

Rules in our AAA Division are generally the same as regular Little League Rules.  A regular season champion is crowned and an All Star Game is played. Playoffs are conducted at the end of the season with the winners receiving a championship trophy.

2 Responses to AAA Division – Kid Pitch (predominantly 9-10 year olds)

  1. Jim Poirier says:

    I need the email contact where I should send a pdf copy of my son’s school enrollment form. He attends Capitol Hill Day School.

    If you need the original paper copy, then I need a mailing address.


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