Division age brackets are determined by Little League Age Requirements.  All baseball divisions are co-ed.

Challenger Division – All ages

Little League offers a Challenger division for players who have physical or developmental challenges. Players within CHLL boundaries who might benefit from this program may register with Northwest Little League, which offers a Challenger division.

To learn more about NWLL’s Challenger Division: CLICK HERE
To learn more about the Challenger Division: CLICK HERE

Juniors/Seniors 60/90 – (13-16 year olds)

Commissioners – Darrel Thompson

The Juniors (50/70) Baseball Division of baseball plays on a regulation baseball field using a 60-foot pitching distance and 90-foot base paths. This division will be structured for league age 12-14 year olds.  In our first season, we have elected to restrict this division to 13-14 year olds only as allowed by Little League during our pilot phase of this new division.


Majors Division (predominantly 11 and 12 year olds)

Commissioners – Becky Skinner

Majors Division is the highest level of play in the traditional Little League program.  Majors division is for predominantly 11 and 12 year old players; some 9/10-year old players are able to compete at this highest level. Almost all 12 year olds play in our Majors Division. Games are umpired by certified umpires. Because we expect a limited number of teams at this level, CHLL will partner with other leagues around the city to form a schedule for CHLL Majors teams.

AAA Division (predominantly 9-10 year olds)

Commissioner – Marty Wells

AAA Division is designed for 9-11 year olds. Play is kid-pitch format where players learn to pitch; the play of catchers is key and kids learn to run bases. The AAA Division is designed to improved players’ skills in specific area (hitting, fielding, base running) in an effort to prepare them to play at the Majors level in subsequent seasons.  Games are umpired by certified umpires. A playoff tournament will be played at the end of the season to determine a league champion.

AA Division (primarily 7&8 year olds)

Commissioner – Todd Novascone

The AA Division is for 7 and 8 year olds. For many, this is their first baseball experience where they will play real positions and play by the “real” rules of the game. Players will learn to hit a ball from a pitching machine operated by an adult coach. There are no walks; players must hit to reach base. Participants will learn the basics of hitting, fielding positions and situational play. Players learn to throw, catch, hit, and the basics of situational play. Emphasis remains on instruction and teamwork. Players quickly become used to pitching machines.

Single A Division (primarily 5-6 year olds)

Commissioner – Ralph Burns

The Single A Division will serve as the players’ first step into the Little League baseball program.  This division will focus on the fundamentals of catching and throwing, hitting and fielding, teamwork and good sportsmanship.  We will work with players to develop correct catching and throwing techniques, key elements of hitting (grip, stance, swing, finish), and running the bases.  Players will hit a ball off a batting tee during the games and build up to coach pitch by season’s end.  This will be a chance for our youngest players to learn the fundamentals of each position and to begin to play by the rules of the game, preparing them for play in the AA division.


Commissioner – Allison Cernich

Division age brackets are determined by Little League Age Requirements. For questions about your child playing outside of their designated age bracket, please contact chllsoftball@gmail.com.

Minors (primarily 7-11 year olds)

Majors (primarily 11 – 14 year olds)

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